Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Swap Mail and Celebrate do. Good Stitches!

Attention swappers! Packages are in the mail as of yesterday! You should be receiving your fabric in the near future. Hopefully everyone will enjoy what they got! Thank you to everyone who sent in fabric for the swap. I enjoyed hosting and will definitely be doing another one!!

Because my work schedule is so intense, my mom had the immense pleasure of taking these to the post office. She said that she received many mean glares walking in with the two laundry baskets full. Haha.  Fortunately for everyone, they were already addressed and had postage!

In other news, do. Good Stitches is having a year end bash. If you don't already know, do. Good Stitches is a charity bee comprised of 21 circles of women sewing for a cause. Rachel from Stitched in Color is the founder and Queen Bee. 

On her blog, voting has begun for the 'Best of 2012' quilt. Hop over and vote! The quilt chosen to represent the Believe circle (our circle) is super gorgeous and definitely worth seeing! And, if you completed a quilt for do. Good Stitches this year, you can enter to win a roll of batting!

I was surprised today to find out that I had been chosen randomly from our Believe circle as the winner of a gift certificate from Pink Chalk Fabrics! I was so excited! I have never won anything before! Again, hop on over to Rachel's blog or do. Good Stitches and see what it is all about!


  1. I can't wait to get my fabric! Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful swap!

  2. Awesome insulator collection! My grandpa collected hundreds over the years, so they always make me think of him :-)

  3. Ha, I might have run out of the PO at that point! Congrats on the win :o)

  4. I won one of the random gift certificates too! Cool, huh? Just got my swap fabric today - thank you for pulling this all together. I'm very pleased with what I received back!


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