Sunday, January 25, 2015

The "sorry I crashed your motorcycle" quilt

I had every intention of returning to blogging full force in 2015, and then life intervened. Seems to happen that way. On the third day of the new year, I got a call at 3am that my boyfriend had been in an accident and was being flown to the nearest trauma hospital. Excuse me, say what?!? Naturally, I jumped in the car and got my ass up to North Myrtle Beach (an hour away). All in all, for the nature of the accident, he was fine. A couple facial fractures and some road rash. He had crashed a friend's motorcycle. It could have been so much worse. So in the days following, we both agreed that his friend (who constantly harassed me about how he could get a quilt) probably deserved a quilt. I quickly got to work.

I generally do not make quilts in man colors, like ever. But these guys are firefighters, and I just don't think AMH was going to fly. I used Doe as my springboard, as it had just arrived, and happened to be incredibly gender neutral. Here is the resulting quilt!

I love it. Like bleeping love it. I honestly thought it was going to be incredibly hard to sew because the colors are so foreign to me.

What was hard was gifting it. I didn't expect parting with it to be such a challenge. The pattern is Bonnie Hunter's free Scrappy Trip. If you recall, it was crazy popular about two years ago. It goes together surprisingly fast. I backed it in Cotton and Steel Netorious in Teal. Something about the cotton used for the Cotton and Steel fabrics is luxuriously soft when washed. You can't help but snuggle with it.

I quilted it following the diagonals in the blocks, much like my first Scrappy Trip. It is bound using a gorgeous blue from Doe called Trellis. It had juuuuuust arrived in the mail. If I had had anything else that looked nearly as good as a binding, I would have hoarded it with all the others due to my current Doe love affair.

So today, I said goodbye. She is with her new owner, who I think loves her very much. I have only ever gifted quilts to my family, knowing I would see them many more times.

Parting with this one was oddly emotional. Not in a crying sort of way, but in a tugged at my heart sort of way. However, if I keep too many more quilts, Adham may start peddling them behind my back. We are sort of at max quilt capacity over here.

So here's to kicking off 2015 on a unique foot. I am almost nervous to see what else it has in store for us!