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You may see blog posts every now and again related to my journey in Once A Month Meals (OAMM). How is that related to sewing? It's not. But is part of my life and has changed my life in such a way that I feel the need to share my journey. So, if you are interested, I will be keeping a full catalog of the posts here along with FAQs, my thoughts on the method/website, and anything else people want to know. I also have become an affliate with them because I love them so much. (I only promote things I use and believe are truly beneficial) Each month I will try to do a post that reviews my previous month (everything from the recipes I chose to the cooking/freezing methods I used) and give a look ahead to the next month's menu I have created. Feel free to leave comments with any questions!

What is OAMM? - it is a website/service that provides monthly menus (or you can customize your own) that are freezer friendly. You spend one day a month cooking, and end the day with a freezer full of meals.

Do they just provide recipes? - No! You get a shopping list, optimized cooking instructions based on your menu and your cooking day, labels for all of your meals, a prep sheet and a thaw sheet. I might add that if you customize your menu or number of servings, all of these things update accordingly.

Is it just one menu per month? What if I don't like it? - No, each month they put out a traditional, gluten free/dairy free, paleo, whole foods, diet, baby, and mini menu. If you don't like everything on the menu, you just swap out certain recipes for others. I customize menus to include only dinners. You also have access not only to all the current menus, but to the all the past menus from January 2012 forward. That is thousands of recipes.

Do I have to cook a whole month's worth of food? - No, you can delete (or add) recipes from any menu and the shopping list and instructions will update. So you could have 5, 7, or 10 meals. I think the most you can have is 15 recipes. Each recipe is made such that it is eaten twice during the month, giving you 30 meals (if you make 15 recipes). 

Do you actually use the 2 slow cookers and 1 oven like they say? - I have not yet had to. My customized menus involve more prep and marinating than actually cooking. The only cooking I have done on "cook day" has been stove top. I can see possibly using those items more for winter meals though. That is the standard equipment they set to write menus around.

Do I need to buy an extra freezer? - Absolutely not. I put 30 meals in my tiny apartment freezer. You just have to be really good at food tetris. Haha. But seriously, if you are squirrely about it, try a mini menu first. It is half the number of recipes. Then you can gauge if you like freezer cooking and/or how much you can fit. 

May 2014 - My first month
June 2014 

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