Monday, December 10, 2012

good folks

I have always loved Anna Maria Horner, but Good Folks captivated me like no other fabric ever has. There is just something about this line that is so majestic.

I don't know if it is the color, scale, print, balance, or some other fabric attribute, but it is just amazing.

I chose to do a Japanese x and + block after seeing the one made by the women of do. Good Stitches for their leader, Rachel. It was a great mash up of color but still accentuated the individual fabrics. Which is exactly what I hoped to do with my Good Folks fat quarters.

I think this quilt really is a testament to the beauty of the line itself.

I am thinking of putting 6 inch linen borders around it in a cream color to make it larger. For the back, I found an amazing deal on 3 yards of the Filigree print in green which will make up the center of the back, flanked by two strips of linen. My quilt model was very patient while I took way more pictures than necessary. :)

Now how to quilt it?!?


  1. Oh, I am such a fan of Good Folks, and your quilt shows it off beautifully. I think linen will look fabulous. I am actually planning to use linen to make a quilt with my Good Folks fabric, but I only have a small piece of each fabric so it won't be as bright and gorgeous as yours!

  2. it looks absolutely stunning, the backdrop is great too! so glad you're keeping this one for you!

  3. It looks so pretty, like a stained glass window.

  4. Ohhhh arrrr wow.
    It's really beautiful.

  5. How to quilt it. Oh, no, that's hard. I do love it just the way it is. What about hand quilting?

  6. Love the colours in this, it looks fab!


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