Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Around the Color Wheel {Neutral}

This is by far my favorite Color Wheel bundle so far. All neutrals and sooooo amazing for putting solids in with your low volume prints. I am a Snow advocate, but I absolutely fell in love with Mushroom and Parchment when I saw them. Just amazing.

If you are looking for a great neutral stash builder, definitely check this bundle out at Marmalade Fabrics. These are perfect base fabrics for any project. Swoon.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Adventures

Apparently do not include sewing. The last 6 weeks just flew by. My parents took me, my siblings, and our significant others to Disney for 5 days near the end of January. So. Much. Fun. Advice for all families, wait until your kids are grown to go to Disney. It is much more fun when everyone is over the age of 20. We had been before as kids, but this was soooooo fun.


Anyway, I had to work a ton before we left, then we were gone (7 days with travel), and then when we got back, the snowpocalypse arrived. We got our first and only 'snow'. I will have to admit, there was a lot of ice. They had to close down the bridges because icicles were falling onto people's cars. It was ridiculous.

And then! I got the Flu. Apparently my definition of the flu and the true flu aren't the same thing. This was the stomach virus, the can't leave the bathroom floor for 48 hours virus, the I haven't eaten in 6 days virus. I cannot remember being that sick. The last time was so long ago that I was still allowed to get in my parents bed on a sick day. (apparently that was our quarantine. Seems weird now that they would put sick children where they needed to sleep.) Anyhoo. I just recently got better and have been working on my AMH Rainbow Quilt. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen it in all of it's glory. Not going to lie. It is pretty cool.

Now I must get back to sewing so that I have something interesting to talk about!