Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm Swooning

When the swoon craze first swept through, I snatched the pattern up super quick. And then never made one. I have no idea why. I love the pattern, maybe I just never had the perfect fabric. After getting a ton of Loulouthi for just 4.20 a yard, I knew a swoon was necessary. I haven't really sewn anything that didn't have a 'purpose' in quite some time, so I dedicated this weekend to my Loulouthi swoon. And that is the reason I have no floor left.

There are swoons everywhere!

Even over here! There are actually only 9 of them, but they are huge. 24.5" square to be exact. I am really loving them. Definitely out of my color and pattern comfort zone, but somehow it is working for me. Only 3 left to piece, then I can finish the top! What did you last sew that was just for you?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

News! News! News!

Hi, remember this boy?  The one that makes my heart swoon.

I am excited to have just found out that my company is letting me move to Charleston to be with him! YAY!!! It was a complete shock that they said yes. I was totally surprised in a good way. So come August 24th, I will be transferring my job back to my home state, just an hour from my parents, and to the same address as the boy. :)

Needless to say, that is why I have been doing everything under the sun other than sewing. But now we have an apartment locked down and have figured out all the logistics of the move.

Speaking of swoon, that is what I started on this week! I will have pictures this weekend, but if you check out my nifty Instagram stream that I just added to my side bar (under follow me by email), you can get a preview! I am still on an AMH kick (I see no end in sight), so I am using Loulouthi for these gigantic blocks. Loving it so far!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Liberty Churn

I received these gorgeous pieces of Liberty a few weeks ago and immediately cut them up for this lovely quilt. I was almost done, and then I ran out of Kona Ash. Needless to say, I finally got some more and have finished it!

I love the churn dashes on point! They look so elegant. 

For some reason, I am much more drawn to cool palettes than warm. This quilt top really hits the spot for me. I can't wait to get it finished. For now, it will sit in my pile of unfinished quilt tops while I work on more WIPs!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Westwood Acres Winner!

The winner of the Westwood Acres giveaway is Kacey! I'll send you an email today and let Amanda know! I am so glad to hear all of you love Amanda's store as much as I! Thanks everyone for participating!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shop Talk {Westwood Acres}

Sounds like something out of a fairy tale, right? And they are a fairy tale fabric shop for sure. Amanda is one of my favorite store owners ever. I mean ever. She is incredibly personable and active both in her store and on instagram (@acraftyfox_amanda). Westwood Acres has customer service that is above and beyond. If you convo her, she gets back to you with remarkable speed and is always open to helping you get what you are looking for. The shipping is incredibly fast. My mom just ordered her gorgeous Chicopee tower and it arrived in two days. Two days!!

Photo courtesy of Westwood Acres
She also makes some fun custom bundles. Her Inside Voices bundle series is becoming very well known as a low volume bundle. I lurve low volume!

photo courtesy of Westwood Acres
If you like text prints, there is also Text the Rainbow and Read It In Black and White.
Photo courtesy of Westwood Acres
Photo courtesy of Westwood Acres
The most fanstastic thing that sets Amanda's store apart from others is that she cuts fat eighth bundles. Have you ever seen a collection go by and thought, geez, I want all of those prints?! But the fat quarter tower is too expensive and a charm pack or jelly roll isn't going to get you very far? Perfect solution? The fat eighth bundle. Westwood Acres is where I got my AMH Voile stack a few months back.

It was gorgeous, I had to have it, but I couldn't afford the whole fat quarter stack at the time. Perfecto! Fat eighth bundle to the rescue!

If you have never been to Westwood Acres, definitely pop over for a visit. And as a perk, Amanda is offering a $25 gift certificate! Sound like something you need? Just leave a comment here letting me know what you would use it for! I will pick a winner on Saturday. Happy sewing!