Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer Stitching

This time last year I was enrolled in Hand-stitched from Rachel at Stitched in Color and had a plethora of projects that were travel ready. This year, the weather gets warm, traveling back and forth to Pawleys picks up, and I have nothing to stitch on.

Hmmm. Well I saw this lovely pillow go by on Instagram. It was also on the cover of a Cross Stitcher.

Is it not gorgeous? So I went to The Making Spot and downloaded it for only 3.99!! All of my supplies were found at Jo-Anns (score for living near one!), and now I finally have a new summer traveling project!! A quick post, I know, but I have many sewing deadlines to meet. I'll be sewing for me again soon. A shower curtain is in my future. Or, follow me on Instagram and watch the day to day crazy unfold! Haha.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fabric Diet

I'm going on a fabric diet. I have kind of had a purchasing problem as of late. Here is my last purchase until I release myself from money jail.

This is an AMH Voile fat eigth bundle from Amanda at Westwood Acres. One of my new favorite fabric stores. She is amazing with custom orders, has great fabric, and her customer service and shipping turn around is just unbeatable. 

I cut it all up into triangles, and I kind of hate it. Haha, sigh. It just isn't a palette I ever choose. Creativity is about pushing your bounds though, right? I will finish it, and hopefully it will grow on me. 

I took a long weekend and went home because the boyfriend's sister was getting married. It was glorious. No sewing, but also no work, no deadlines, and no stress. Here are some lovely photos. 

But now its back to work and back to life. And back to sewing? Wait when? Where does it fit!??! Can you say pressed for time and/or working too much?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I have been inspired by my own project. I finished the top of the color wheel and quilted it up. (I LOVE the finished product by the way!)

While I was documenting my progress on instagram, I hung it up on the wall. It hit me. Full on hit me. I am currently in love with color. All of it. I have tons of notions of what my apartment 'should' look like, but after seeing the color wheel up on the wall and how it changed the room, inspiration slapped me in the face. I need to make pillows, a shower curtain, table runners, and anything else I can think of. I mean, if not now, when? Likely I will have to tone down the color when I am sharing a roof, but right now, bring on the color! (Because I have so much time to do this, right?)

So the color wheel, I am currently binding it, but I just needed to share. I love it so much. That spot on the wall will be it's home once it is complete. More to come!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A finish

Spring has FINALLY spring. I am very very very happy that it is getting warm. It means I can get my daily dose of vitamin D. I've been super busy and forgot to put this lovely quilt up last week. This is another finish by the Believe circle of do. Good Stitches on its way to a new home. 

The colors are very appropriate for the season! Now I have to work sew and then go by a broom for all the pollen on my porch. I really want to be out there, but the inches of yellow are deterring me. Hope everyone else is enjoying the warm sun!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Exciting News

I gave fair warning I guess when I said I might be quiet. I don't think I intended to drop off the blogoshpere, but o well. My last post opened a very exciting door for me. I think I mentioned that I am not strong in graphic design in any way. I don't know or have the programs, I don't understand how to set up the documents, and I don't know anything when it comes to copyright and the legal stuff. I was going to wing it. (bad idea? probably)

Well my friend (possibly savior) Alyssa read my post and contacted me about a business she has started. If you follow her at Pile O Fabric, you may know about Aria Lane. Aria Lane is a platform for designers to submit their modern quilt patterns and embroidery designs and have them professionally published by Alyssa and her husband to be sold on Aria Lane. If you know nothing about Alyssa, you should know that this girl can do graphic design in her sleep. Her products are amazing.

Anyway, so I have partnered with Alyssa and Aria Lane to release some patterns. Can you say exciting?!? Removing the stress of figuring out how to make a successful end product that is worth selling to people has left my brain open to create. And it is on fire. I am very excited to have this opportunity and can't wait to show you some of the final products.

If you want any more information on Aria Lane, I encourage you to contact Alyssa. I can not explain all the details nearly as well as she can. She is very professional, fun to work with, and willing to answer any and all questions. Now back to writing. The boyfriend is here visiting so I might finally get some shots of my finished Good Folks quilt to show!!