Tuesday, November 27, 2012

back to....

Back to Columbia and back to embroidery. I got on another embroidery kick because it is super awesome aaaaand I can do it while sitting in the car. I didn't really come all that prepared though. I only have a couple spools of pearl and some little scraps of neutral fabric to play on. It is really interesting however, to just doodle with a needle and thread. I am practicing new stitches, sewing sheep that make me laugh, and just attempting to relax. Sew without pressure for the time being. Here are some great links and links to stitch dictionaries. So fun!

Here are my sheep. I love them. I want to put them on everything. I saw them go by on this website (original sheep author being Incywincystitches) and just HAD to try them. They are tiny and too cute. To be continued....


  1. Hi Magen, I love the sheep. You are a very talented young lady. You should design a quilt around your embroidery and then publish the pattern. (I know, in your "spare time"!!!) I love your work.
    Miss Pat

  2. Now you need to add some gates for them to jump over for when you can't sleep ;o)

  3. I have been traveling a ton for work this month too! I am totally embroidering in the car and hotel room. The best travel sewing...


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