Monday, March 5, 2012

My Ironing Board was GROSS

I have had the same cute little ironing board since I went to college. It lived with me through 4 years of roomates and lord knows what else. It also has gotten some pretty heavy usage since I have been out of school and have been sewing much more consistently. At this point it is so gross and stained, I refuse to even put a picture of it up.

So amidst my packing yesterday, I decided that it needed to be recovered, and NOW. Rachel, from Stitched in Color has a fabulous tutorial on how to do just that. I got out my handy staple gun (that I am so proud of myself for owning), an old towel, and some pretty Amy Butler fabric that I had been hoarding, and went to work.

The first order of business was peeling off the old cover which was less than fun. Whatever padding was underneath there had begun to disintegrate. Ew. Once that was taken care of, I used the wooden board to trace and cut my towel and my fabric.

Don't you love apartment carpet? Anyway, then pretty much all you have to do is layer the pieces like so

and get to stapling, like so. 

It is best to start on the sides of the ironing board to make sure that you are pulling the layers tight enough around the board so that you get a clean finish on top. Then you slowly work your way around the nose of the board, again, making sure to pull everything super tight before you staple. Then you finish up the other end and you are good to go!

Ah, crisp clean new ironing board, I love you so. I can't wait to get moved and do a project on it now!


  1. This is so cute!! That fabric is perfect :)

  2. Great job! One less piece of nasty foam hanging around. I just recovered my board again this weekend!


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