Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Missing In Action

I apologize for being silent this past week, but I was moving. Hooray! I am officially a Raleigh resident and a very happy person. It is wonderful here, and I already feel so at home. I have spent the past few days busily unpacking, which I detest. I wish the stuff would unpack itself. O well. Obviously, I got my sewing room put together first. Haha. You can see that I still have some piles of stuff, but its coming together.

Please excuse my pictures, the flash was not cooperating, and I just gave up. I am so excited to use my design wall. My dad made it for me, and it is perfect!

Hopefully now I will be able to sew something fun to post about! Until then, it is back to unpacking. The rest of the house is not nearly as complete as the sewing room.

Also, make sure to come by on March 20th. I will be doing the big reveal of the exciting surprise that I have been working on! It is going to be so fun, you don't want to miss it!


  1. Oooh, a design wall. That's awesome! Congrats on your move.

  2. congrats on the move! how exciting! good luck with the new job!

  3. Glad you got moved in. How do you like Raleigh so far? What did your dad use for your design board? I think I need something better than my dining room table!!!

  4. Congrats on your move - welcome to your new home!

  5. Love your new space!! Hope that you get all settled in quickly...looks like you're well on your way. :)


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