Monday, March 2, 2015

3 years in the Making

Oh this quilt. It has been sitting in my WIP pile for THREE YEARS. I made it in early 2012 when I was just beginning to learn how much quilting meant to me. It is/was for one of my best friends of all time. I had finished it by his birthday, revealed it via skype, and then told him it just needed binding. And for three years, it. just. needed. binding. Can you say worst friend ever?

So for his birthday, three years later, it is in the mail and should arrive on his doorstep. The color choices in the quilt were meant to represent the southwest landscape and sky. He loves it there. The pattern is by Fresh Lemon Quilts.

It is very weird to finish a quilt from so long ago. My skills have changed so much since then. To see my piecing and quilting from when I was relatively new years later gives such a weird perspective on how much you have learned. 

I hope Yeager, his girlfriend, and their dog get lots of snuggles out of this quilt. I hope it goes with them on all of their adventures, and I hope it gets to see the world. Happy Birthday friend!


  1. Megan it is a winner! LOVE the colors and I know the whole family will love this quilt.
    I can completely relate to seeing things I made even a couple of years ago as compared to now. So, now, when I am making something, I tell myself I am gaining skill/talent and I don't stress about everything being "just so". I take the lesson and move on. :) Thanks for reminding me!
    ~ Christina in FL

  2. I hope so too! It's wonderful


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