Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gigi's Birthday Quilt

Remember my Liberty Churn Dash? Although I love the Liberty prints, the colors weren't anything that fit in around the house. Plus, I hate purple. So I hung it in the closet and thought about who in my life would appreciate it most. I am not sure why I didn't see it immediately, but the color scheme include all of my Grandma's favorite colors. Like exactly. Sooooo, I hung on to it and saved it for her 92nd birthday which was Feburary 6th. Her ninety second birthday! I can only hope those genes run through me.

I didn't have any yardage at the house for a back, so I pieced one out of, again, her favorite colors. Purple makes me nauseous, but she loves it, along with teal and pink. I was excited to gift her a quilt because it has become my version of 'art'. She not only passed down the artistic genes, but made sure we had a ton of art exposure as kids. I rather love having her in my life. Being among the youngest of the grandkids, I feel so lucky to have had nearly 30 years with her.

My mom did the gorgeous quilting, naturally. I can't wait to learn to use the long arm!


  1. It's gorgeous!! But I like purple :)

  2. Loved this post because I used to feel exactly the same way you do about purple.:) Eventually I learned that there are actually some rare shades of purple that I do like, suprise, surprise! So sweet that you found the perfect recipient for your lovely quilt too. It really does feel great to give a quilt that you know will be loved.


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