Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring had Sprung

I am on a mission in 2015 to finish all the half finished quilts in my closet. This one was high on my list. I love it, but I just never got around to joining the blocks. Or pulling off the stabilizer. Much like the paper used in paper piecing, I hate having to pull things off of the back of quilt blocks.

I actually joined the blocks a little differently than the pattern calls for. Rather than put sashing between all the blocks, I offset the flowers in each row a little differently. I like the end effect. Now I just need to get a turn on mom's long arm to quilt it.

I was able to use the time I spent confined to a car for work to pull the stabilizer from both this quilt and the paper from another. I was that bored. I am not sure I would have ever gotten it done if it had not literally been the ONLY thing to do.

We also have been getting used to having this guy back. He is quite the hunter....and often I am the prey. Good thing I love him so much.


  1. Love these colors together! And the end result is always worth the little annoyances! (:

  2. Oh I love how you put these together with the extra space. How invigorating was it to be able to check off this flimsy finish from your list? It's one of my favorite feelings


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