Sunday, April 7, 2013

Exciting News

I gave fair warning I guess when I said I might be quiet. I don't think I intended to drop off the blogoshpere, but o well. My last post opened a very exciting door for me. I think I mentioned that I am not strong in graphic design in any way. I don't know or have the programs, I don't understand how to set up the documents, and I don't know anything when it comes to copyright and the legal stuff. I was going to wing it. (bad idea? probably)

Well my friend (possibly savior) Alyssa read my post and contacted me about a business she has started. If you follow her at Pile O Fabric, you may know about Aria Lane. Aria Lane is a platform for designers to submit their modern quilt patterns and embroidery designs and have them professionally published by Alyssa and her husband to be sold on Aria Lane. If you know nothing about Alyssa, you should know that this girl can do graphic design in her sleep. Her products are amazing.

Anyway, so I have partnered with Alyssa and Aria Lane to release some patterns. Can you say exciting?!? Removing the stress of figuring out how to make a successful end product that is worth selling to people has left my brain open to create. And it is on fire. I am very excited to have this opportunity and can't wait to show you some of the final products.

If you want any more information on Aria Lane, I encourage you to contact Alyssa. I can not explain all the details nearly as well as she can. She is very professional, fun to work with, and willing to answer any and all questions. Now back to writing. The boyfriend is here visiting so I might finally get some shots of my finished Good Folks quilt to show!!


  1. How exciting :o) I'm still trying to find spare time, a good location and good weather, all at the same time, to take some final pics of some bags for pattern covers o.O

  2. So very excited for you! Alyssa is really great, I need help with blog buttons and stuff like that in the past and She even had tech-y help blogposts last year. She knows what She's doing for sure! Great step, wishing you all the luck in the world to be successful!


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