Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fabric Diet

I'm going on a fabric diet. I have kind of had a purchasing problem as of late. Here is my last purchase until I release myself from money jail.

This is an AMH Voile fat eigth bundle from Amanda at Westwood Acres. One of my new favorite fabric stores. She is amazing with custom orders, has great fabric, and her customer service and shipping turn around is just unbeatable. 

I cut it all up into triangles, and I kind of hate it. Haha, sigh. It just isn't a palette I ever choose. Creativity is about pushing your bounds though, right? I will finish it, and hopefully it will grow on me. 

I took a long weekend and went home because the boyfriend's sister was getting married. It was glorious. No sewing, but also no work, no deadlines, and no stress. Here are some lovely photos. 

But now its back to work and back to life. And back to sewing? Wait when? Where does it fit!??! Can you say pressed for time and/or working too much?


  1. Such pretty photos!

    What if you arranged the triangles into some sort of color pattern like this?

  2. Cute pics, and I think the triangles are a grower - keep at it xxx

  3. I'm on one of those diets too right now *sigh*

  4. You are totally gorgeous!! I need a fabric diet for a month or so... eeesh. There is too much pretty stuff out there right now.

  5. I hear you on the palette angst. Sometimes scrappy just doesn't work for me. I need more CONTROL please.

  6. You are so beautiful! I love the triangles!! I think they look great. But I know what you mean. I have a few projects that I really hate right now, but I think once they're finished they will hopefully be ok. :)


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