Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow Day!

Well really more like flurry day, but it is the first snow-like weather that Richmond has seen all year! Fortunately for me, I did all of my errands yesterday so I can spend the day inside sewing. I decided nothing would be more perfect for a day like this than some hexies! I have had a pile waiting for me to begin piecing for some time. 

I decided to go with 5 inch hexies because frankly I don't have the patience to make an entire quilt out of itty bitty hexagons. Haha. I printed them from an online hexagon generator (hexies!) onto card stock so they would be pretty substantial while I was attempting my hand sewing.  

My method is rather improvisational because I sort of learned as I went rather than follow a pattern or tutorial. The steps are pretty much the same as any other method though. I just cut out my paper hexagon, lay it on my fabric, and use it as a template while I cut around it with my rotary cutter. I don't use any particular seam allowance or anything, I just sort of eyeball it.

Then, I just sort of tack the fabric to the paper hexagon with a needle and thread, folding one corner over at a time, and moving around the hexagon. I usually tack each corner on the first pass and then the middle of each flat side on the second pass. It gives me the confidence that I need that the fabric is tight around the paper.

Then it is on to hand stitching. I am choosing to do these by hand as a challenge to myself because I rarely take on a hand sewn project. I think, however, I have figured out a pretty efficient way to do them by machine. If I master it, I will post a tutorial.

I don't have very many pieced so far, but I am not planning for this to be a fast project. I will make a couple new hexies now and then as I get new fabric, and one day (hopefully) it will be a showcase of the fabric that has passed through my sewing room. I like the idea of a big scrappy hexie quilt. Now I am going to go enjoy the fact that I am not outside and start learning to piece my hexagons!


  1. i really like the hexies that size! i may finally have to give in to the hexie craze :)

  2. Ohhhhh you've been bitten by the hexie bug too! I just can't stop making the darn tjings!

  3. Ohhh you've been bitten by the hexie bug too! I just can't stop making the darn things!

  4. I have yet to make any hexies. Not sure that I am sold on the hand stitching. :)

    I like the new look of your blog...and is that my block I see peaking out on your hexie pic!! Woohoo!


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