Monday, October 14, 2013

There's More?!

Ok, so I know I just showed you Hemispheres, but, there is another one! Frames has also been released! I designed this one for the boy in my life as an actual "man quilt", with no girly influences.

Check out the optional coordinating back! The Aria Lane Patterns all come with these.

And the patterns are very visual and easy to read. This pattern would be great for someone who doesn't have many quilts under their belt, but is looking to try something modern and fun without the intimidation factor.

I am excited to say that this is my second pattern, and definitely not my last! If you have never stopped over to Aria Lane, check it out some time! As more and more designers come on board, more and more unique patterns are being added. 

And now, back to our regularly scheduled sewing talk! Thanks for putting up with my pattern announcements!


  1. This is such a gorgeous modern quilt!

  2. I won Hemispheres from Lindsay - it's a beautiful pattern, and I have already started making a little something; be proud xxx

  3. Oh, very cool! That backing is fab. The Aria Lane patterns look so nicely developed. You all are doing a great job!

  4. What a fab pattern, I can see it would be perfect for a non-girly quilt.

  5. I love this Megan! You are on fire!!!!


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