Sunday, October 6, 2013

Penny Sampler Progress

Here's a quick one just to update on the Penny Sampler progress. We moved in to precise piecing (who doesn't want tips on that?!?) and I have mastered some pretty perfect points, if I do say so myself.

I really struggled with the Penny Candy (small crosses), not because they were hard necessarily, but because of personal error. I tried working on them after my exhausting trip home from summit, and messed up round 1 due to not reading the instructions (which I am mildly famous for). I got round 2 pieced correctly, but then realized I used the wrong background color for how my color scheme is arranged. Grr. Round 3 luckily was perfect and in the right colors. Thanks to all of that, I am a little behind, but I plan to catch up this week. Lesson learned, don't sew when you are exhausted.

All of my boyfriend's siblings were in town this weekend (which is rare since there are 7 of them), which meant a lot of fun and a break from sewing. Haha. Now it is back to the grind before work tomorrow.

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