Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time is certainly not standing still...

How is it already May 8th?

My gadget month is almost 1/3 over and I haven't posted anything! I guess I have some catching up to do. Has anyone else been ridiculously busy this spring?

Anyway, here are a couple quick ones that are definitely worth the while. My next few will need a little more explanation.

First we have True Grips by The Grace Company. You can buy them just about anywhere, often at your local craft store. They are made for sticking to the bottom of your rulers or templates to keep them from slipping. They really work!

These awesome things were REALLY hard to take pictures of. My camera had no want to focus on something so see through.

If you look closely, there is one stuck in the corner of my ruler. I know there are many products that do similar things, but these are cool because they come precut and they definitely stay put. 

Next, you will find one my absolute favorite sewing room tools. Have you ever needed to mark a diagonal line on a square for a half square triangle or some flying geese? This baby makes it soo easy. It's called the Quick Quarter by Quilter's Rule and you can get it either 8" or 12" long. 

All you have to do is lay it on your square with the corner of the tool lined up with the corner of the fabric, and then take your fabric pen and mark in the precut holes. I am not sure why it is so much better than using a regular old ruler, but it saves a ton of time and is totally accurate!

Last but not least, is a beautiful picture of my finger. This gadget, again, was very hard to take a picture of because it is see through. This is Thimble-It by Colonial and you can find it in most craft stores. It's essentially a manufactured callus. Stick one of these delightful things on your finger, and you never have to mess with a thimble again. Hand sewing is pain free!

I will be posting more frequently during the rest of May as I have so many things to include in gadget month. If you have anything that you think totally needs to be featured, that you couldn't bear the thought of not having in your sewing room, feel free to email me, flickr message me, or let me know in a comment. I would love to hear about the things that you can't live without!


I haven't shown any of my bee blocks from April! Well here they are!

For Marian in We Bee Modern. This block goes by many names, but in the 99 Modern Blocks book, it is the Parisian Star on page 128

For Caroline in We Bee Modern Too. This block is called Lemons and Limes and is on page 102 of 99 Modern Blocks

Last but definitely not least are the blocks for the Believe Circle of Do. Good Stitches. Jenn had us use the Octagonal Orbs pattern Elizabeth Hartman created for the Modern Quilt guild. I think these will make fabulous quilts for some wonderful kids!


  1. Megan, your blocks are absolutely beautiful! I also love the quick quarter ruler, it's a lot easier to work with than a regular ruler.

  2. Fun blocks! I could really use some of those sticky feet, and one of those thimbles for when I'm sewing bear noses!

  3. I haven't come across any of these gadgets!

  4. Love your blocks, those Octagonal Orbs are gorgeous!

  5. Oh, I would really like to try that thimble tool. Thanks for pointing it out!


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