Monday, April 20, 2015

Steam Punk Grief

If you've ever allowed yourself to love unconditionally, you know that losing that thing is hard. I love Gus so fully it's ridiculous, probably because he is not human. He never judges, doesn't challenge my opinion, and is fully accepting of everything about me. He loves me unconditionally.

On Easter morning (we think), he went missing. It was utterly devastating. For the first few days, everyone said that he would be back, but my cat-mom gut knew something was wrong. It's been two weeks, and we still don't know where he is. I've called every vet and shelter, posted flyers, put his picture on Facebook, and talked to all the neighbors. We haven't seen any signs of him, dead or alive. We have had a few false alarms, so I am having a hard time finding any closure. Some part of me is clinging to the hope that he will be found. If you've never loved an animal so fully, I cannot explain how painful it is. 

I have been sewing my grief into my Steam Punk, as I'm sure you can see in my color scheme. 





So for now, I'll keep sewing and hoping. 


  1. Sending you prayers and positive thoughts for Gus' return...I do understand. Your Steam Punk block are is a good thing we have our sewing during times like this. Hugs....

  2. I'm so sorry for your heartache! I will keep hoping the best for you. As a pet-mama I know how much it must hurt!

  3. Have your neighbors check their basements if they have outside entrances... My beloved Moo went missing for two weeks and I had given up... then I saw her in the neighbors basement window. Neighbors did not know she was there... she had snuck in while they were cleaning out the basement and hadn't made a peep.

    Best of luck....

  4. I am so sorry. I had a cat that did this too. I always hoped that someone else took him in.

  5. Awwww I am so sorry u can't find your baby, they are family members no doubt! I hope he shows up soon!

  6. I had a cat who disappeared once. I went to so much effort to find him and just nothing. I was so sad. Then one day I saw an ad in the paper for a missing cat that fit the same description, so I called up and asked the woman if she would pass on any info if she got a call, but it wasn't her cat. Well, she said that actually she had got her cat back. The next day she called me and said she was having doubts that this actually was her cat. As it turned out we went round to see and my girls were all over the cat and the woman said, " this can't be my cat, she hated children" this happened months after the cat first went missing. A friend of mine just got her cat back after about 6 months of looking keep looking ! Good luck.

  7. I do know of this type of love (& it's inevitable accompanying grief) but I'm so hoping that there will be a happy end with your sweet Gus. Quilting can be such a great thing to pour these sorts of feelings into. Fingers crossed for you. X

  8. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I love my fur babies with all my heart, and completely understand and feel your heartbreak. I hope you find closure soon, I really hope your fur baby comes home.

  9. you should never ever ever let your cat outdoors it's not safe

  10. you should never ever ever let your cat outdoors it's not safe

  11. Ach, I'm so sorry to hear that, Megan! I'm hoping for the best for him. Your grief is creating an amazing quit.

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