Saturday, December 28, 2013

Finally, the Good Folks Finish

Ok, so I know this is a long time coming. It just seems like every time I try to get photos of this quilt, something gets in the way. Regardless, I have finally done it! You may remember it from my Japanese X and + tutorial, when I posted about the finished top, or you may have seen it in my header and wondered what happened to the finished quilt.

Well finally, here it is. This is my flat out all time favorite ever quilt.

For the back, I got really lucky and found 3 yards of filigree on Etsy for only $18. You know how expensive yardage of Good Folks can get. Naturally I scooped it right up, and it is the perfect backing.

I quilted it with basic straight lines that were set just 1/4" off of each side of the the seams. It has great drape and is not too heavily quilted. I don't like quilts that I actually use to have any kind of heavy quilting on them. I think heavy quilting makes a quilt feel like a piece of cardboard. 

So yes, the finished quilt does exist. I use it almost everyday and it is my favorite finish of all time. :)


  1. I love this!! such a great color choice! great job!

  2. A favorite quilt is very special, and I can see why this one is! Love the hot colors and splashy scrappy looks. That's a fun quilt to make and use, if for no reason than just looking at those pretty fabrics! Great finish.

  3. I can see why this is a favourite. It's gorgeous!

  4. Megan this is a stunning quilt for so many reasons. The fabric is completely showcased with your piecing as a "scrappy" style quilt. Without a border, the completely happy feeling is preserved. And I am imagining it as being so fun to actually use and snuggle inside it.
    Thank you for the tutorial!!
    Happiest and most creative New Year!!
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

  5. Gorgeous!! What a beautiful finish. And the photos are fantastic too!

  6. Beyond divine! This is how AMH should be used, and I would want to wrap myself in this explosion of colour every night / day too!

  7. wow what an amazing finish. it would be my favorite too!

  8. Yes, yes, yes! Lately I've bought more AMH fabric from all sorts of collections. Stuff I never bought and always kind of wanted. Doing the red, red, stars quilt reminded me that she is by far my favorite designer. I want to do more AMH-only quilts!

  9. Love the bright colours and I love this pattern too. Your photos looks beautiful in the half light in the marshland.


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