Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sewing Summit and a Staple Dress

So I had this great ambition to make a Staple Dress before Sewing Summit. I have since lost my mojo. It looks good on the hanger, but on me, much to much fabric hanging out in the armpits. Sigh. I have never been good at clothes. 

I am totally excited for Summit though and cannot wait to get there. I am currently gathering all my supplies, packing, organizing, and all of the crazy things you too when you are too excited to sit still. For now, my dress will stay on the hanger until I get re-motivated to try to fix it. 


  1. Save it for winter and stick a long-sleeve t-shirt under it xxx

  2. Oh, but it DOES look good on the hanger! It's pretty fabric too. Be sure to come back to it =) have a fun trip!


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