Monday, March 18, 2013


Ok, so you may have heard that Google Reader will be shutting down this summer. How will you follow your favorite blogs? Well, many people are jumping over to Bloglovin, myself included. It is incredibily fast to sign up, very easy to use, and has some pretty cool features. My absolute favorite part was that they linked right up with my Google Reader account and transferred over all of the blogs that I already follow. I did not have to spend any time typing them in or listing them so that I could 'follow' them again. Seriously simple.

So how does this make a difference here? I have a new button on my sidebar as well as right here

Follow on Bloglovin

that you can click to follow me. Once Google Reader shuts down, so will the button that displays my Google followers. But I really enjoy hearing from all of you, so please follow me on BlogLovin or by email (again, in my sidebar). I am pretty sure there will be some other ways that you can follow, but I still have to do a little research. If there are more ways, I will bring them to you just as soon as I understand how they work! Hopefully everyone will make the switch as smoothly as I did. Boo Google for making this a necessity.

The link below also directs you to follow me on BlogLovin, I just have to post in in order to 'claim my blog'. Please ignore if you like the fancier, prettier button above!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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  1. Thank you so much for the help in finding a way to save the blogs we follow. Do you know if Bloglovin also saves my starred items?


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