Wednesday, February 27, 2013

my ColorWheel

For those of you who have not already seen this go by on Instagram, here is a peak into my current project.

My color wheel. It was born in curves class with Rachel of Stitched in color. The pattern is her Wheel Quilt which she sells in her online store. 

I am so enamored with color right now. As quilters, we all are, but what fascinates me is how smoothly color can move throughout the spectrum, easily blending from one to the next. I looove rainbow quilts and am dreaming up one for myself.

As a general rule, I am drawn to gorgeous tone on tone prints that often read as a single color. Rarely will I buy a blue on a yellow, for example, or a multi colored print because I have a hard time working them into my projects. That is something I noticed recently about my stash when I was organizing it. For me, fabric is like a fresh set of paints.

I am so smitten with this lovely wall hanging. For the background, I plan to use some of the white/black prints from Architextures; specifically the text, foliage, and ledger.

Unfortunately for me, I have blown my fabric budget for the month so I will have to wait until I get paid next friday to order it. Sigh. It is a WIP I am happy to have started though.

And! Thanks for all the feedback about my spam problem. I think it is under control, and I didn't have to turn the word verification back on!!


  1. This is stunning and perfectly pieced. Well done

  2. Just beautiful! Your fabrics are absolutely perfect for this. It really does blend wonderfully.

  3. I love your colour wheel and I agree about buying fabrics of primarily one colour - I'm the same! I look forward to seeing this one finished!

  4. Oh wow I absolutely love this :)



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