Monday, June 11, 2012

some Modern Patchwork in my mail

Yep, its finally here! Elizabeth Hartman's new book, Modern Patchwork.

I was so excited to get it because I find her so inspiring! I mean everyone has new ideas, but often (mine included) they are built off of inspiration from old quilt blocks or something somewhere out there. To me, her quilts are like nothing I have ever seen before, very outside the box. And I love it!

My favorite part is that she always includes alternate colorways for each quilt. It is such a nice thing to see because it helps you to see how the pattern is able to morph with color. If you have never checked out either of her books, you can find them on my book page, or visit her blog. Happy sewing!!


  1. I love this book too! I just got it the other day and have had a great time looking at all the inspiration it offers. I agree, Elizabeth's quilts are so new and creative and completely out of the box! Such a talented gal she is. I loved her first book and this one is just as wonderful!

  2. This is on my 'to get' list, as I love less traditional quilts. I was holding out on maybe winning one first though lol


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