Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Few More Things

So I just set the fire alarms off in my apartment building. Mortifying....

Anyway. There are a few extra details that I thought I needed to include as I sat at my desk all day. Needless to say, I was not concentrating well. First, I only briefly mentioned Jill of Made on Main Street, the wonderful woman who makes the acrylic templates for this pattern. If you are looking for a method of cutting that is quicker than freezer paper, definitely scoot over to her site and grab those. I have them, and they are great! On Thursday, she will be doing a giveaway for some free ones. You don't want to miss that opportunity!

If you do buy them (or win them!), you might also consider some Invisigrip for the bottom of them so they don't slip (although not imperative), as well as a 28mm rotary cutter. It's like the regular rotary cutter's little sister. It is super cute and super necessary for turning the curves of the templates. I would hate for anyone to be missing things that would make life easier when we get started!

Also remember, tomorrow Christina will be giving away 5 patterns on her website!!! Definitely visit her. You wouldn't want to miss that. I will keep updating if I think of anymore important things, but that should be it. Bianca's first post about templates and cutting will give you tons of tips and tricks on the best way to get all of your fabric cut out pretty efficiently. Get excited for that! While you are waiting, be sure to check out our other blogger friends and join the flickr group! Feel free to post pictures of your gorgeous fabric choices. We would all love to see!

Thanks again to everyone participating! We are excited to have you and very excited to get started!

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  1. I bought the Curve Master Presser foot for the Solid Retro Flower wall quilt I made, and love it. It takes a little practice, but I had never sewn curves before and it worked great for me. It also helps that Christina has you trim a lot off the block to square it up. :) Super excited about the QAL!


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