Sunday, July 27, 2014

Follow the Leader

Warm weather brings quite a bit of outdoor work at my job. We are outside all year round, but they schedule a substantial portion of that for the summer months. That means up at 5, out the door by 6, and working by 7. Sometimes until as late as 7. So I am rather tired. That is why this post is so delayed.

If you are part of the Quick-Sew Baby Quilt Club, you should have already received Follow the Leader! Inspired by a quilt my mom made, it is the second in the Quick-Sew Baby series.

I love how the gradient moves through the pattern of the triangles in this quilt!

I also am in quite a pickle because somehow the charger for my good camera broke. I have had to resort to using my iphone! Ugh. Hopefully I will be able to replace it soon.


  1. iPhones are rather amazing ; ) The colour in this is beautiful

  2. I'm interested in purchasing the pattern for this Follow the Leader quilt. It looks like your baby quilt club is already over. Please email me to discuss details. Thanks


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