Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer Stitching

This time last year I was enrolled in Hand-stitched from Rachel at Stitched in Color and had a plethora of projects that were travel ready. This year, the weather gets warm, traveling back and forth to Pawleys picks up, and I have nothing to stitch on.

Hmmm. Well I saw this lovely pillow go by on Instagram. It was also on the cover of a Cross Stitcher.

Is it not gorgeous? So I went to The Making Spot and downloaded it for only 3.99!! All of my supplies were found at Jo-Anns (score for living near one!), and now I finally have a new summer traveling project!! A quick post, I know, but I have many sewing deadlines to meet. I'll be sewing for me again soon. A shower curtain is in my future. Or, follow me on Instagram and watch the day to day crazy unfold! Haha.


  1. OOooooh cross-stitch is fun, I may have to dig out my unfinished cushion!

  2. Hope you actually remember to work on it, I just took 3 different hand work projects away for nearly a week, and brought them back entirely unscathed - oops!


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