Monday, October 15, 2012

I indulged

When I saw Chicopee in my local quilt store, it was even more beautiful than all the pictures I had seen.  I didn't have the funds to do some serious damage on the line, so I indulged in a jellyroll. Jellyrolls are the easiest way to get a little piece of every fabric in a line. They consist of forty 2.5" strips and are rolled up soooo beautifully like this one. 

It took me almost two weeks to get up the guts to cut it, but half square triangles were calling my name. After all the chopping, here is the end result.

I think I will be using Kona Snow as my background....since I have an abundance of it, o and it's beautiful. Look for a HST tutorial later this week when I start piecing!


  1. Gorgeous line of fabric ; ) lucky you

  2. Since you already had strips I would have opted to use Thangles to HST's. Those 2 1/2" strips would make 2" finished HST's using thangles and no there are no squares to cut and no stitching lines to mark, and at that size each strip of Thangle paper would make 6 HST's.

  3. Looking delicious Megan! Can't wait to see what you'll be making with them!


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