Tuesday, May 29, 2012

new beginnings

I am happy to announce that I have finally gotten most of my WIPs finished and will be starting some very exciting new projects shortly. These blocks are for the Believe Circle of do. Good Stitches for May.

This was my first time making a granny square block and man do they go together fast. I might put a tutorial up in the near future. All you need are 2.5" squares. It is a great scrap eater. 

As for new projects, we got our supply list for the first week of Handstitched camp. Next week I will have a new needlebook, an embellished tank top, and the first installment of my Medallion Quilt to proudly show off. Here is a sneak peak at the colors I have chosen for the Medallion quilt. 

If you were wondering, yes, that is my precious Mustard Wallflower. Yes, I did cut it. Gasp! It was actually incredibly hard to do. Particularly because I had to fussy cut it and use a little more fabric than I would have liked. Sigh (it's just fabric, it's just fabric). At least it will get to be the focus of my quilt!


  1. I just saw the picture of the Mustard Wallflower and literally gasped out loud! Can't wait to see what you make with it! :)

  2. I'm super excited to see how you use that beautiful fabric as your class gets underway!

    I've been pulling out some squares to make into grannies this week too. Yours are lovely!

  3. Oh, your grannies are so pretty in the window!

  4. Megan , are you posting in the flickr group for stitched in color . I can't find your litte needle case or your dogwood blossom . I like the blue background you chose


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